Raw Gray Diamond

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According to legend, it is said that raw diamonds are tears of the gods or fallen pieces of stars. The alluring nature and rarity of the raw diamond has kept humanity utterly captivated.

Forever amplifying energy, it is a precious gemstone that will never require recharging. Purifying, it aids in spiritual evolution and allows the soul’s light and true aspirations to shine.

These precious, sparkling treasures are a symbol of wealth, power, truth, love and intimacy.

Standard diamond mining causes environmental destruction, severely devastating the land and water. Many mines exploit workers, children, and communities causing poverty and human rights abuses. Ethically and sustainably sourced, the RAW by Olivia Mar diamond is conflict free and glimmers with uncompromised beauty.

LUXE by Olivia Mar, RAW Gray Diamond, 14k solid Rose Gold alternative engagement ring

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